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Motion and Position Controller

MARS8 boxed
This motion control system with mc68376 was developed at PiKRON company. The systems has been used successfuly used in industrial applications for decades (for example by NEOVISION) company and to control robotic manipulators at educational laboratories. There MARS 8 units control BlueBot manipulators/robots with 6 degrees of freedom at Center of Machine Perception at Czech Technical University in Prague as well as the MARS 8 units are used to control CRS Robotics CRS A465 robots after their original units serve out and broke.

The MARS8 units can also control any other system equipped with up to 8 DC motors (5A/30VDC max) with incremental position encoders (TTL/RS422 signal levels). For example, OPTEN translation tables or OPTEN turn tables. Up to three tables combinations could be controlled by simpler MARS2 units as well.

MARS8 board stack
Control electronic consists of three board:

   MO_CPU1 (155mm x 80mm x 15mm)
     Click to read more about MO_CPU1 board
     CPU mc68376 @ 21 MHz, 1 or 2 MB of SRAM, 1 or 2 MB of FLASH,
32 kB of CMOS SRAM and RTC which are battery back-upped
headers for BDM and on two sides of board almost all MCU pins
IIC communication interface with PCF8584
isolated RS-232, RS-485 and CAN communication
ispGAL is used to lower number of used chipselects
MO_PWR1 (128mm x 93mm x 25mm)
isolated power stage with 8 full bridges for DC motors up-to to 30 VDC
and 5 AMPs with over-current protection
DCDC converter from 15 up-to 30 VDC to 5 VDC for CPU, 5 VDC for isolated
communications and helper supply for bridges.
8 channel 8-bit ADC for current measurement
MO_CTR1 (105mm x 80mm x 12mm)
eight 24-bit IRC counters with two index and mark inputs per motor
TTL or differential RS-422 encoders could be used
some ADC inputs, SPI connector and some logic signals
and ability to connect our local keyboard on 8-bit bus
MARS8 diagram
Block diagram of three boards system (PDF file)

The basic software for velocity and position control is developed. There is trapezoid speed profile position generator and more types of PID controllers. Up to eight servo motor axes can be controlled with sampling frequency 1 kHz. Unit is directly compatible with MAXON 10 - 70 W motors equipped with HEDL or HEDS incremental encoders.

More complex systems with local keyboard, display, digital and analog I/O control, coordinated movement and CAN or RS485 network integration can be prepared on demand.

System can be inbuilt into box of size 120mm x 240mm x300mm. All motor connectors and some I/O connectors of control electronic kit are accessible at front panel of the box. 200 Watt power supply is placed in box too.

MARS8 front panel

Some parts of control system can be produced and used stand-alone. The MO_CPU1 boards can be used for laboratory instrument or other embedded devices control or for educational purposes.

Source code for the motion controller can be found at GitLab repository https://gitlab.com/pikron/projects/mo_cpu1/mars-mo_cpu1

Online User Manual (Czech) czflag.gif

PDF Version of Manual (Czech) czflag.gif pdficon15.gif (146 bytes)

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