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HPLC Instruments

LC 5000 HPLC Modular Chromatographic System

HPLC Pumps HPLC Detectors Samplers and Valves
LCP 5020 LCD 5000 LCS 5040
LCP 5020 LCP 5024 LCP 5080 LCD 5000 LCS 5040 SV 11

The see the full laboratory instruments list for more options

PiKRON has technology and components to build control and instruments setup for high flow rate (up to 500 ml/min 20 MPa) industry separation systems and offers its development capabilities for specialized instruments design for individual or serial production.

Amino Acids Analyzer

Amino Acids Analyzer
AAA 400
AAA 400

Data Acquisition Devices and Software

Chromatography A/D converter Chromatography Software

Motion and Robotic Controllers

The more successful motion controllers for education robots, industrial and special applications has been designed at PiKRON. Some of the controller electronic are available on the stock. But most are designed on demand for specific target applications from object positioning task for 3D capture devices to special robots for tube cleaning. We have designed and build small low price CANopen single stepper motor controllers (SM CAN), standard 8 axis 24 VDC 5 A MARS-8 but even 8 axis 64 VDC 50 A control units for new kinematics or as replacement of broken or obsolete units. The list of on stock units can be found there. But our value is especially in design of application specific electronics. We have broad experience with many MCUs and real-time operating systems and Linux support. See our development related pages.

CRS A465 Robot with MARS-8 Unit

Embedded Systems Accessories and Debugging Tools

PiKRON company developed many support and ebugging tools to allow own system ground up development. We routinely design such tools as part of our contracts for new complete systems development or on specific customers demand. List of some of these gadgets usesable for broader community is available there.

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