HPLC Systems

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PiKRON's HPLC instrument designs are based on long time experience. Developed instruments are trying to fulfill next criteria:

We think that our designs fulfill these criteria. We are continuously checking and enhancing produced instruments and designing next generations of instruments. The most of HPLC instruments developed by PiKRON are produced by a Laboratory division (http://www.instruments.ingos.cz) of INGOS company (http://www.ingos.cz).
There you can find full specifications and parameters of our HPLC instruments in English and Czech language.

Manuals for HPLC instruments can be found on separate page.

HPLC Instruments Manuals

Instruments are also well suited by their economical price and small dimensions for routine chemical laboratories and production plants analysis. Modularity and simplicity of maintenance and open control PC software are ideal for university and educational purposes as well.

Complete Analytical HPLC Systems


Amino Acid Analyzers


Pumps for Preparative and Analytical Systems